Test-dive and other activities at Sognsvann

Postet av Dykking den 16. Aug 2017

(I'll make this in english to include all this may concern):
Last year we had a great time, so we'll try to make it happen again this year. We'll bring all our rental gear to Sognsvann where you can try diving with a dry-suit for free accompanied by one of our many experienced divers. This is a great opportunity if you'd like to meet the club in a relaxed and hopefully sunny enviroment and at the same time want to practice diving with a dry-suit. We'll start camping up at the southern shore by the westernmost of the two small beaches there around 4 pm and stay there until around 9pm. You're welcome to drop by any time for a chat, some barbecue/snacks and a dry-suited dip in the water if you'd like. PS: You have to be a certifyed diver to go scuba-diving.

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